The Porter Agency was founded in 1990 by Frank “Sandy” Porter. Having worked at four agencies prior to starting The Porter Agency, Sandy set out to build an agency with a diverse mix of clients. His plan was to allow his staff to work on many different types of projects in different markets, stimulating new ideas and keeping the staff from being bored or feeling stifled. The idea of diversity leading to better marketing and creative work is not a new one, but it is can be hard to achieve.

Advertising & Marketing

Our agency’s philosophy is based on a system we call “Discovery Positioning,” a three-step method beginning with Research (1). The more knowledge about a market we have, the better we can tailor a plan to reach the target. Planning (2) may include a mix of media, communications, and marketing; it is planning that drives the Executions (3) the audience is exposed to. Great creative and great publicity – all with branding and identity foremost.

The Porter Agency utilizes a group of outside staff, people with the credentials and talent needed to make a campaign or project work. Writers, designers, producers, directors, media planners, market planners, researchers, and new technology specialists have all, at one time or another, partnered with us. Many of these people are more experienced persons who can pick and choose the types of work they want. Working with The Porter Agency allows them to do their best work, while giving our clients a more cost-effective way to get the best services possible.

Public Relations

As the world changes, so does the way information gets to people. The goal is to keep an individual, company or organization ‘top of mind’ with the public while continuing to control the message. Whether it is through the mass media, direct connection or social media, among other channels, a focus on engagement with the public is the goal. In the end, the client’s ability to place a financial value on the success of a public relations campaign is essential.

Public relations campaigns are rooted in personal relationships – with the target audience and the media. Transparency, timely response and accuracy are crucial, and these elements should lead to a connection with the public that allows for the sharing of good news and the ability to maintain a brand in challenging times. Media relations is calculated, an effort to control the message in every way, and approached with a plan tailored to a target audience that is designed to generate significant coverage. With a method embedded in a broadcast based background, relationships with members of the media begin with their needs in mind. A firm understanding of the daily grind of the media business and knowing what makes a good story can lead to better results for the client.


While you can count on The Porter Agency to provide you with successful marketing programs, you can depend on us for one more thing: HONESTY. Our clients know they can be assured that we will tell them when they’re doing something that isn’t in their best interest, or isn’t a wise use of their resources. Companies looking for “yes men” to handle their marketing are not a good fit for The Porter Agency. If your company is seeking a marketing partner – one who is committed to the ultimate success of your business – consider The Porter Agency.