Sandy Porter
Owner, Creative Director

    Born and raised in Charlotte, Sandy became interested in advertising while in a pilot program at South Mecklenburg High School. The interest turned to passion through college in Chapel Hill and finally at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. While he honed his skills as a creative in school, he soon became passionate about the strategic and planning side of the advertising business, as well. After experiencing the “real world” working at four agencies around the south and garnering many awards for creative and strategic work, Sandy got the opportunity to start his own agency in 1990 – The Porter Agency was born. While he’s a little older now, he still feels the same, youthful thrill of finding the right strategy and concept for a client, and the satisfaction of seeing it through to reality.

The best things ever: My children, Jesse & Blake; Friends of all kinds, shapes and sizes; Golf – anywhere, but along the coast is best; a good Cigar and/or a good glass of Wine

Really, you’re serious? Media reps who try to sell me by telling me that [insert client name here]’s competitor is advertising with them; Click Here To Unsubscribe – the greatest cyberjoke of all time.

Kim Hudson
Public Relations Director

    After growing up in the Midwest, Kim found a career in Marketing and Public Relations to be the perfect marriage of her journalism skills and the enthusiasm that earned her the superlative of “Most Spirited” from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri where Brad Pitt taught her to two-step at Freshman Orientation.

After living in the Philippines where she worked in Marketing & Publicity for the Air Force, Kim settled in Hickory and tenaciously pursued higher education while working at Charter Communications and CommScope. She received a BSBA in Management from Appalachian State University in 2000.

A seasoned professional with both client-side and agency experience, Kim has worked in public relations, communications, event production and marketing primarily in Healthcare and Telecommunications for over 20 years. She has a penchant for building a strong rapport with key stakeholders, analyzing marketing metrics and is passionate about patient engagement programs that empower patients to make wise choices about their care or that of loved ones.

The best things ever: Asia Capri and Haven Emma – my lovely daughters; bird-watching, the Lake, my Doing Life Together church group and all things Europe!

Really, you’re serious? Paying retail for anything. I get an adrenaline rush at a good sale!

Meredith Chambliss
Social Media Coordinator

    Venturing off the predestined path, Meredith discovered her passion for both creativity and insight-driven strategy. She graduated cum laude from Appalachian State University in May 2014 with a bachelors degree in advertising and minor in marketing. Eager to apply her skills and ideas as well as gain valuable experience, she approached a new distillery just beginning brand and market development. What started as an internship to assist with market entry lead to creating the start-up’s whiskey label, website development, social media coordinator and much more.

While continuing to work for the distillery she landed two part-time gigs, one at an all digital advertising agency in Charlotte and the other here at The Porter Agency. In December 2015 she started full time at The Porter Agency.

Although a novice in the profession, she has a seasoned intuition, eye for the aesthetic and the initiative and desire to produce the best result. Known for her quick-wit, obsession for puns and unwillingness to settle, she is not easily intimidated by any task given to her.

The best things ever:Family- including my Maltipoo named Kitty, Dark Chocolate Hersheys Kisses, Comfy Sweatshirts, Puns, my amazing friends and boyfriend, my new car, unique jewelry and DIY projects.

Really, you’re serious? People who post too many selfies and share entirely too much on social media— no we do not need a play-by-play of your life on our news-feed.