The era of blogs is upon us, and for good reason. Previously, blogs were typically personal and offered a window into the life of an individual or educated the public on a specific topic. The informal nature of a blog allows an author’s voice to shine through, which humanizes your company. This has made them […]

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If you’re serious about upping your social media game, then brand consistency is key. Many businesses underestimate the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a social media presence that resonates with its relevant audience. Because social media marketing is often seen as an inexpensive and powerful engagement tool, they start social feed accounts on Facebook, […]

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At the Porter Agency we regularly consult with clients and help them create marketing strategies that are “on brand” because it helps organizations achieve the following: Projects professionalism. A cohesive brand looks more professional than a competitor that is all over the place with a hodgepodge of marketing messages and confusing identity. Establishes authenticity. When you stay […]

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I was recently invited to sit on a panel for a discussion session during the Women’s Choice Awards (WCA) Marketing Summit in Weston, Florida. The panel was charged with discussing “How to fully leverage your competitive advantage” but you’ll see below that the discussions went much deeper, looking closely at decision-making differences between the genders […]

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HICKORY, NC – Jan. 8, 2014 – Innovation Fund North Carolina (IFNC), a statewide initiative created to help foster economic growth and education through innovation, is now accepting applications for its second cycle of investments. Entrepreneurs involved with technology startups in agriculture, advanced manufacturing, health care and IT/communications are encouraged to apply. IFNC will award […]

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