The era of blogs is upon us, and for good reason. Previously, blogs were typically personal and offered a window into the life of an individual or educated the public on a specific topic. The informal nature of a blog allows an author’s voice to shine through, which humanizes your company. This has made them ubiquitous in the business sphere. Still hesitant to start blogging? Here are five ways a blog can help your business:

  1. You Become an Industry Expert

When you consistently provide relevant information that is factual, helpful or entertaining, people will refer to you as an expert in the field. This expert status elevates your reputation and makes you trustworthy and credible. It also humanizes you, a real person sharing thoughts.

  1. An Educated Customer is a Happy Customer

People like to make educated decisions. When you provide data, logic, and explanations as to why they should do something they are more likely to agree. Having a blog also allows a business owner to connect with their potential customers on a more personal level, which breaks down the skepticism that often accompanies marketing efforts.

  1. Draws People To Your Website

There are multiple ways that a blog will draw new people to your website. The first is through search-engine optimization (SEO), which favors site with updated content. By using key words, the blog can also draw people to your site through the topics they’re searching that align with your blog’s content. The second way is through others sharing your blog posts on their social media. Finally, people will have something to return to your website for.

  1. Establish Your Brand Personality

Letting your voice come through in these blog posts is a great way to develop and build on a brand personality. The tone you present in your posts can be professional, light-hearted or humorous depending on the brand personality your company would like to establish. Creating a persona through these posts is a great way for customers to connect with your business on a more personal level.

  1. Appear “Current” and “Fresh”

By consistently updating your blog, your current customers and new visitors to your site see that you are keeping up with current practices or products in your industry. This cutting-edge knowledge you’re sharing makes your business appear more credible and advanced, which can give you a competitive advantage over your non-blogging competitors.

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